Western Ky. Botanical Garden Launches Fundraising Campaign to Expand Garden

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) – Western Kentucky Botanical Garden launches a new project in 3 phases that will make room for an expansion of the garden and more economic development.

Officials say the first phase has already been completed, with a new $800,000 house added to the property for visitors to stop by and get information about the garden.

Officials also say the second phase is currently underway and will invest $900,000 in additional gardens and landscaping improvements to the property.

Western Botanical Garden general manager Laurna Strehl said the plan for the project’s third phase is to add a new $1.1 million event center to the garden.

Officials say the event center is for private events.

“The garden needed a change and we started talking about building a new visitor center,” Strehl said. “And then we thought while we were there, we were going to create an indoor event space because we’ve always been limited on what events we can have here because we’re limited to only 50 people inside.”

Strehl says the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden wants to invest in both the garden and the community.

“Economic development is a huge function of this event center space as well as all the other changes the garden has made to improve,” Strehl said.

Strehl says it will take a while to raise the million dollars, but she hopes the space will be built and completed within the next three years.

Visitors and community members can donate by visiting the botanical garden capital campaign tab on their website.

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