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Cathy Reynolds, Megan Hart and Gracie, 6, decided to take a family trip over Spring Break to visit Plantation Pine Christmas Tree Farm’s newest tulip farm last week.

Together, the family took in the spring wind, picked tulips and posed for photos with each other.

Hart found the tulip addition from the Plantation Pine Christmas tree farm on Facebook. She said they removed the tulips from the bulb so they could go home and plant them.

“This is our first time (coming to a tulip farm). We saw that in April there will be strawberries and in June there will be blueberries, so we will definitely come back and do these different events, ”she said.

“We just think it’s really fun and exciting. It’s not overpriced and just really fun and on the outside. (Tulips) are something we can keep to remember from our fun experience, ”Hart said.

Hart said the trip to the tulip farm was a fun family memory.

The Plantation Pines farm is a third generation farm, which was passed down to its current owner, Heather Reed, who thought about the idea of ​​starting a tulip farm in October of last year, when she commissioned the tulip bulbs. The Tulip Farm is a free entry and a family friendly environment, it is located at 10090 County Road 429 in Tyler.

Plantation Pines Farm is a third generation farm, which was passed down to its current owner, Heather Reed, who thought about starting a tulip farm in October of last year, when she commissioned the tulip bulbs.

The bulbs were refrigerated at 35 to 40 degrees to be brought to their dormant state to produce spring bulbs. At the end of December, they were planted on the farm.

To prepare for tulips, Reed and his family did a lot of research on the internet and read several articles to learn about tulips, but most of the learning came from the experience of planting them for the first time.

“I love the ideas of tulips. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. We are very busy in the winter, but the spring is a little quieter here and I love the idea of ​​a big field full of colors and colorful tulips, so we went, ”said Reed mentioned.

The tulips were affected by the recent snowstorm a few weeks ago, so Reed and her family had to cover the tulips and she says do a lot of prayers and try to make the most of the situation. The tulips were able to survive the temperatures.

Reed and her husband are primarily responsible for the tulip farm, but when the snowstorm hit, they needed the help of their families to care for the tulips.

Now that the Reed family have some experience with tulips under their belt, they will do things differently next year. They plan to widen the aisles so they can plant more tulips.

“We only have simple, straight rows. We just wanted to see how it went first. Now we know we can fit in more here, that people want to come out and we can just go from there, ”Reed said.

Tulips cost $ 2.50 each. When customers arrive at the farm, a basket is available, where they can collect their tulips and carry them to the cashier, where upon payment, the tulips are wrapped with a ribbon.

The Tulip Farm, located at 10090 County Road 429 in Tyler, is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and according to Reed, the tulip farm is closely watched to make sure guests aren’t disappointed when they arrive.

The last day the tulip farm will be open is unknown.

“It’s kind of back and forth right now. Being our first year, we really don’t know what to expect with the tulip timeline, nor do we know what to expect when it comes to how many people are expected here. We’re just taking it as an overnight thing right now, ”Reed said.

The tulip farm is slated to reopen next year, the timing has yet to be determined, but it will be around spring break, Reed said.

“It’s a fun experience for everyone and even my 19 month old loves being here in the tulip fields,” Reed said.

Reed said there has been a positive response from the community.

“We were so blessed with the people in the community who wanted to come and support us and come to the tulip field and support the local people,” Reed said. “We were very grateful for this. We didn’t know what to expect when planting them, if people wanted to come, but they did come and we were very blessed and very grateful for their support.

The farm can be on Facebook at Plantation Pines Christmas Tree Farm and the website is Their phone number is (903) 253-3143.

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