The Grove at Plantation Hills promotes sustainable lifestyles


The Grove at Plantation HIlls offers the green way to personal care. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

STUDIES show that people who spend more time in communion with nature have a much more positive outlook on life and increased feelings of vitality and energy. This positive result is what prompts The Grove in Plantation Hills to declare that “the road to personal care is paved with greenery.”

The future owners of this lush residential enclave in the Tagaytay Highlands are showing their green thumbs as they enthusiastically engage in self-care through vegetable gardening. Life at The Grove at Plantation Hills is for discerning residents seeking a distinguished farmer lifestyle that begins as soon as you wake up in their modern main house in a sunny garden.

This eco-farming community is a 22-hectare territory that is designed to be a residential recreation and agricultural concept-in-one. The Grove’s Orchard Lots, ranging in size from 750 to 1,300 square meters, is a separate estate.

Each cut is ideal for growing fruit trees, herbs and vegetables in the comfort of your own garden. Its Garden Lots, meanwhile, range from 450 to 600 square meters, allowing future residents to build their dream farms and surround them with an abundance of greenery. Here they can grow whatever fresh produce they want for a farm-to-table lifestyle, as well as brightly colored flowers and ornamental shrubs.

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