SSUET launched an eco-friendly tree planting campaign

Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SUET) started a tree planting campaign on campus in which a large number of these saplings were planted which absorb carbon and emit oxygen into the atmosphere to reduce environmental pollution. Not only do trees remove air pollution, but they also increase the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Sindh Director General of Parks and Horticulture Junaidullah Khan said we have so far planted over 200,000 saplings across the city. We should give importance to the growth of trees to breathe a clean atmosphere. Hospitals become deserted when you develop forests and gardens in cities. He also assured Sir Syed University of his full support in this planting campaign.

Speaking on the occasion, SSUET Chancellor Javaid Anwar said that the best way to deal with climatic hazards is by planting trees. This will not only raise students’ awareness of a safe and pollution-free environment, but also motivate them to make efforts to grow eco-friendly plants on campus which would play a key role in reducing environmental pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen. Sir Syed University will install solar panels to acquire energy to make the environment clean.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Vali Uddin, said we are entering a new era of climate change, so we need to put in place a comprehensive and integrated system in line with contemporary demands. The emission of green gases is the main cause of global warming. Today, one and a half billion people breathe toxic air caused by industrial waste. Environmental pollution is increasing all over the world due to the felling of trees. In Pakistan, forests have never been given special attention and the area of ​​existing forests is below international standards.

Registrar Syed Sarfaraz Ali said the plantations make the environment beautiful and attractive and increase the fertility of the land. The threat of global warming is increasing due to the felling and falling of trees. The increase in atmospheric temperature would lead to faster melting of glaciers, which would raise sea levels. This can cause flooding and create a threat for cities to be submerged in the future.

Col (R) Zafaruddin said personality grooming is necessary for nation building. We should develop an attitude and a sense of humanity.

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