Spring at the Botanical Garden of Toledo

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – We are starting to see the first signs of spring in the region. There’s no better place to watch it unfold than in the Toledo Botanical Garden, where they welcome the new season with open arms and open noses.

“We installed this multicolored hyacinth,” said Steve Stockford, park services supervisor for the Toledo Botanical Garden. “It is a bulb that is planted in the fall. It’s super fragrant and one of the first signs of spring.

You can also see daffodils and rhododendrons blooming here among other early spring flowers. Even though our hot stretches for the past two weeks didn’t last long, there was just enough heat to get the process started.

Stockford explained: “We’re finally getting more and more degree-day units here, which means the temperatures have finally reached the point where we’re getting things in bloom.”

As we continue to accumulate these growth degree units in the second half of April and May, more and more trees will begin to bud, but it will still be a few weeks before we see large leaves on the trees. In the meantime, don’t let the cooler weather warm you.

“If we get that cooldown but don’t go below 32 degrees or not for very long, we can extend our flowering season by a few weeks,” Stockford said. “So you can come and enjoy these flowers longer.”

In case you’re wondering when is the best time to get out and see the flowers… the next few weeks will definitely be good, but Mother Nature’s show lasts for months.

“Every couple of weeks there’s something new and blooming,” Stockford told us. “So from now until September if you’re looking for new flowers. And then you come into our fall color season. So there’s no one time to come here, you have to come here all the time.

In anticipation of summer, the annual Crosby Festival of the Arts will be held at the Toledo Botanical Garden in late June. The dates and times are in this link.

Then, Jazz in the Garden returns on Thursdays in July. For dates and times of all outdoor music scheduled at Toledo Metroparks, click here.

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