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PLANTING, FLA. (WSVN) – A Plantation family searches for the ashes of a loved one, which has gone missing outside their home.

The ashes of Shirl Stout’s late husband, 93, disappeared Thursday. The two had been married for 30 years when he passed away in 2006.

“It was heartbreaking for me because there will be other things I can lose and ‘OK let’s go’ but something like that is just too heartbreaking, way too heartbreaking,” Stout said. . “When I found out it was gone, it broke my heart.”

The family said Roy raised Stout’s daughter, Stephanie Crossley.

“He just took care of us, was a great, wonderful dad,” Crossley said. “I loved him so much.”

Roy was a United States Navy who served in World War II. Upon his return from the war he found solace in gardening, so upon his death the family got creative with his ashes.

“When the funeral home showed us the sundial urn, it seemed like a really special place. It looked like him, ”Crossley said.

They placed the ashes of the late Marine in a sundial and kept it outside a window, where Stout could visit him every day.

“I can even go out with my walker and feel like I’m talking to her,” Stout said.

The family believe the sundial urn containing Roy’s ashes was accidentally thrown away or may have been stolen. They added that their neighbors had recently moved, and when the cleaning crew stopped by the house to pick up what was left, their ashes may have been mixed with their neighbors’ items.

“I don’t think they could have known who was inside, what was inside,” Crossley said.

Crossley visits her every day to take care of her mother, but her greatest need is emotional and will require help from the community.

“We’re going to get Roy back. You know we will, ”Crossley told his mother.

“I just hope it comes back right away, comes back right away,” Stout said. “It will make me very happy. “

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