New video saves Plantation Wood creatures in Ellesmere for the future

The magical creatures that arose in a community forest will live on thanks to a video from the art group that created them.

The 12 creations that performed in Ellesmere’s Plantation Wood art installation in July and August were used to create a fairy tale story produced by members of community arts group Fizzgigs.

Fizzgigs chairman Ian Andrew said the magical creature trail through the woods attracts hundreds of visitors in the summer.

“It was a fantastic project for everyone involved and now the creatures have the chance to live in this video and can be seen by everyone forever and for free,” he said.

“Some people couldn’t access all the creatures in the summer for various reasons, but now everyone can.”

The idea for a video story came from Anna Hayes and Claire Cartlidge and the resulting script was based on an idea from Mary Lewery who created the two creatures at the heart of the action.

The script was written by members of Fizzgigs who are also part of the writers group, Witzend Writers, while photography was taken by Ian Andrew, and Bob Richards and Anna Hayes recorded the story and added photography.

The members of Fizzgigs provided the voices for the creatures and the narrator.

The story tells how Sophie Sprite searches for her lost friend, Lizzy the lizard. Along the way, she asks for help from eleven wondrous creatures that live on the magical plantation.

Pip Elms, from the committee looking after The Plantation, said: ‘What a brilliant idea. Our forest is beautiful and the story is enhanced by a beautiful background soundtrack of birdsong. It brought tears to my eyes watching and listening to it. Well done, Fizzgigs.

You can find out if Sophie finds her friend by watching the video below.

To learn more, check out the Fizzgigs website here.

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