Metro Phoenix Saguaro Census

Metro Phoenix Saguaro Census

DATES: 1 – 31 May
TIME: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Do you like saguaros? Help us learn more about them!

Desert Botanical Garden initiated a census of saguaro cacti growing in the Phoenix metro area to better understand population health and adaptation. Help us count the saguaros in your neighborhood.

In May, the community can help the Garden document urban saguaros (Carnegiea gigantea) in the valley through iNaturalist. Participants can share their observations on the app as part of the Saguaro Census project. A sighting can include photos, location, and notes about the saguaro’s general health.


This is the first step in generating a database to monitor the saguaro population in the valley, learn more about their health, and research the effects climate change may be having on them.

Learn more about the project:

The Saguaro census is part of a larger project led by New World succulent research scientist Tania Hernandez. The project seeks to understand the biology, distribution and genetics of the urban population of saguaros by comparing them to their wild-growing relatives. The project will also be used to develop tools to understand and preserve endangered cactus species in the Southwest with substantial community involvement. The Saguaro Census is in collaboration with the Metro Phoenix EcoFlora and the Save Our Saguaros Projectled by Girl Scout Gold Award winner Ella Werre.

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WE NEED YOUR SAGUARO! If you have a saguaro growing on your property and are willing to allow DBG to study it, please email

Click on here to learn more about the Saguaro Census

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