Local landscaping companies warn of inflation ahead of spring gardening

QUINCY (WGEM) – Nursery owners and local residents said that with inflation on the rise, consumers can expect a ripple effect.

Resident Bruce Bangert raked his yard on Sunday afternoon to prepare for his own landscaping work. He said he was ready to go shopping at the local nursery soon.

“We go to a few different places and look at their bushes,” Bangert said. “See what they got and talk to them about what they should get and how to plant stuff.”

Bangert said it cost him more to have his yard sprayed.

“It’s been about five dollars more this year,” Bangert said.

Frese Nursery and Landscaping owner Ted Genenbacher said inflation had driven up costs for businesses, which was now passed on to the consumer.

“That little tree that we used to plant in the field used to cost twenty to twenty-five dollars and now suddenly it’s thirty-five to forty dollars,” Genenbacher said.

He said getting supplies, like pots, took between four and six weeks. Now it takes him four to six months. Fountains and plants also take longer.

“It’s not like we developed or built this factory,” Genenbacher said. “It’s a cultured product, so it’s a three to five year process.”

Genenbacher said one solution to curb inflation is to spread out payments while stockpiling garden needs.

“A lot of my plans are a three to five year program, so we’re not just trying to step in and do the whole thing turnkey,” Genenbacher said.

Genenbacher said now that the weather is warming up is a good time to plant shade trees.

He said Mother’s Day weekend (around May 8) is the safest time to fully begin gardening work.

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