Launch of outdoor Pilates class in Norwich at Plantation Gardens



Those looking to get in shape can now practice Pilates in the Plantation Gardens of the Golden Triangle in Norwich.

Emma Power started her business, Empower, last year and is taking her classes away for the summer.

The Pilates instructor hopes that teaching outdoors will make her classes more relaxing – and feel safer for participants.

Pilates instructor Emma Power
– Credit: Joanna Millington Photography

She said: “I started teaching last year at Horsford Village Hall and it was wonderful – but I always wanted to do something a little different. Teaching outdoors has always been one of my favorite things to do. Goals.

“The wonderful thing about Plantation Gardens is that we will be doing the sessions in a chalk pit, so it’s really very quiet. That combined with the beautiful scenery just means it’s really peaceful and it does. whether it’s on the outside, hopefully, will make it more social. friendly distancing. “

Emma Powers teaches a lesson

Emma Powers teaches a lesson
– Credit: Joanna Millington Photography

You can also watch:

During the lockdown, Ms. Power continued her training in areas like pilates for bone strength and for certain age groups.

Sessions will take place on Friday and can be booked through the Empower website.


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