Landscaping professional Jennifer Miree Cope announces an article for the daily sundial revealing the secrets of the moss garden

Jennifer Miree Cope announces the publication of a new article revealing her expert advice on creating a moss garden for professional landscapers.

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, USA, Nov. 7, 2022 / — Jennifer Miree Cope announces the publication of a new article for the Daily Sundial advising home gardeners and professional landscapers to learn about both types of mousse. These are prostrate and erect. While prostrate moss spreads outward like a blanket, upright moss grows vertically. Both can be beautiful but function differently.

Prostrate moss can absorb a significant amount of moisture and grows rapidly. Erect moss also loves moisture; however, it needs dry periods to avoid rotting. Moss is a good choice for gardens because it is attractive, low maintenance, and durable.

When it’s time to plant moss, there are special considerations, according to Jennifer. Foam adapts best when it has a lot of contact with the ground.

She recommends removing the grass entirely if you intend to replace it with moss. Prostrate moss will not be able to compete with grass or other plants for space. For built-in landscaping installations, add moss after including all other plants first.

Prostrate and erect mosses have different growing instructions. If you’re going to plant prostrate moss, Miree Cope says to shred a large piece of moss into shards. Scatter it in the desired area. By shredding it, you enter the moss into a growth phase. It will spread until it comes into contact with the other pieces of foam.

For erect moss, choose a structure to support it as it grows. Gardeners can use a tree, building, pole or other objects. Add several gatherings of foam to the base of the structure, she says. Each piece will use the chosen element for the structure with other pieces of foam to push upwards.

Immediately after planting, mist upright, prostrate mosses with plenty of water. After that, keep watering to keep the moss moist. Eventually, growth patterns will emerge and growers will need to adjust their watering schedules accordingly.

Once established, moss requires relatively little maintenance. This is in addition to its beauty and durability. Moss requires very little care, especially compared to other plants.

People who choose to grow prostrate moss should be careful to provide enough water. Additionally, they should keep the area free of dead leaves, branches, and other debris. Weeds can also inhibit the growth and health of prostrate moss.

Keeping moss upright is all about managing its growth pattern. If something is blocking the upright moss’ path, it may try to push in another direction. These unpredictable patterns can cause it to detach from its structure. It needs an open space for healthy and secure growth.

About Jennifer Miree Cope
Jennifer Miree Cope graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1985 with a degree in electrical engineering. However, she is now much better known for her skills as a landscaper. It pairs well with his love of the outdoors. Jennifer can often be found hiking in the mountains of North Carolina.

She is also deeply involved in charities and non-profit organizations, including the Susan G. Komen Foundation and The Children’s Fresh Air Farm.

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