I’m a landscaping expert – six easy ways to keep a low-maintenance yard and why you should try no-dig gardening

SPRING has arrived, which means many people are taking their gardening tools out of winter hibernation in preparation for revamping their gardens.

To help, the experts at Tapi Carpets & Floors have shared six easy ways to keep a yard low maintenance this year.


Tapi Carpets & Floors experts have shared some tips to save people time and effort in their gardensCredit: Getty
They also said gardening without digging can save a lot of time.


They also said gardening without digging can save a lot of time.Credit: Getty


Tapi Carpets & Floors recommends converting your garden to artificial grass if you are constantly trying to perfect it.

“Not only will you be able to enjoy the perfect lawn all year round, but you’ll find it much easier to maintain and clean, giving you the real look of grass, without the hassle,” they said in a statement. Press release.

They added that while fake grass is a lower maintenance option than real grass, it’s best to sweep it about once a week to rid it of “dust, leaves, bugs and other debris.” which can accumulate there over time.

Weekly brushing will prevent this debris from breaking down and forming soil, which could then promote plant growth.

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Next, Tapi Carpets & Floors noted that filling your garden with low-maintenance “evergreen shrubs” will add character and life to your garden all year round.

They recommended planting bamboo, Mexican orange blossoms, lavender, rosemary, and laurel.

“Griselinia is another good option, very low maintenance, and can be grown against a wall or as an evergreen hedge,” they added.


If you want to add color to your garden without too much work, experts have recommended scattering small pots and hanging baskets around your space.

They only need a little water and do not require weeding.

CHOOSE your vegetables wisely

“If you’re hoping to grow your own fresh produce this year, some vegetables don’t require constant care,” Tapi Carpets & Floors recommended.

Low-maintenance produce includes zucchini, squash, radishes, peas, beans, and Swiss chard.


Tapi Carpets & Floors experts also suggested trying gardening without digging.

Rather than having to dig up and mix in old soil, they said to try mulch instead.

According to experts, mulches like wood chips and grass clippings help prolong the life of the soil and the plants growing in it by slowly releasing nutrients.

They also noted that weeds grow less frequently in the mulch than in regular soil, meaning it’s a lower-maintenance option.


Finally, the experts at Tapi Carpets & Floors recommended planting hedges that grow slowly and therefore require minimal mowing and pruning.

“Yew, boxwood, euonymus and cherry laurel are good choices that can be pruned, in some cases, only once a year,” they advised.

While no one needs to follow each of the suggestions given, Johanna Constantinou, director of brand and communications at Tapi, said she hopes the advice is helpful in some way.

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“Whether people are short on time, money or knowledge, we hope our easy maintenance hacks will simplify their time when looking to plan, plant and spruce up their space so they can get the most out of it,” she said.

For more gardening tips, another planting enthusiast shared his best ways to make gardening and planting prep a breeze.

Some Vegetables Need More Care Than Others, Experts Say


Some Vegetables Need More Care Than Others, Experts SayCredit: Getty

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