Four Seasons Landscaping back in the spotlight a year after the loss of Donald Trump


Questions have been raised as to whether Mr. Trump’s team mistakenly booked the landscaping company instead of the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel.

Initially, Mr. Trump tweeted, “The Lawyers Press Conference at the Four Seasons, Philadelphia. 11:00″.

It followed the tweet of a second post “Four Season’s Landscaping!” before sending out another tweet: “Big press conference today in Philadelphia at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping – 11:30 am!”.

Marie Sivaro, owner of Four Seasons, said Mr. Tump’s team chose their business after researching suitable locations on Google Maps.

“We think they got the idea after they did an aerial shot,” she told The Independent.

“If you look outside, you can’t see here. So they blocked the street. They could have called 10 other people. “

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At the time, the 65-year-old said she felt the small family business couldn’t say ‘no’ to Mr Trump’s team, adding: ‘He’s the president.’

“We weren’t interested in the political part. We were just here to do our duty as citizens, ”she said.

The relatively unknown landscaping company was propelled into international spotlight as the public and journalists struggled to figure out what exactly had just happened.

To mark the first anniversary of the press conference, a documentary of the saga aired Monday on MSNBC.

“We had no idea what we were going to do,” Ms. Sivaro said in the trailer. “I remember asking if we made a mistake? “

At first, the Sivaros said the attention was overwhelmingly negative, with enemies flooding the business with emails and phone calls.

But things changed when they then decided to find some humor in the situation, capitalizing on the publicity they had received.

“We were just ordinary people running a commercial landscaping company,” Sean Middleton, sales manager for Four Seasons Total Landscaping, told MSNBC.

“We were able to capitalize on this attention in a very positive way. “

“In a million years, we could never have expected the press conference to go the way it did.”

The company has since raked in US $ 1.5 million from shirt sales and even appeared in a Super Bowl commercial.

They created a Zoom background and sold merchandise with slogans such as “Make America Rake Again (we are not a hotel)”, “Lawn and Order” and “Your Campaign is Dead, But Your Grass Doesn’t Have To Be “.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping received so many reviews on Yelp after the press conference that the site marked its page with an “unusual activity alert” and temporarily turned off comments.

“When I lost an election in 2004, I knew exactly where to turn for a last-minute, desperate press conference,” one person wrote on Google.

“Four Seasons Total Landscaping offers the best combination of Pennsylvania gardening and electoral litigation services. I did not win the election, but I certainly had a great press conference.

In the MSNBC trailer, Ms. Siravo’s son Michael praised the company’s response to the infamous event, calling it the ultimate “American outsider story.”

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