Ballet Arizona returns to the Desert Botanical Garden this month

PHOENIX, AZ — Ballet Arizona will resume its annual outdoor performances in May, with “An Evening at the Desert Botanical Garden.”

During this year’s slate of performances, the ballet will revisit “Round” and “Mosaik,” previous works by artistic director Ib Andersen that premiered in 2016 and 2004, respectively.

Dancers will be able to see Andersen’s “Round, Reimagined For A New Stage,” featuring new choreography “that embraces and showcases the vast natural backdrop of the desert,” the ballet said in a press release.

The ballet is planning 15 performances in the gardens from May 17 to June 2.

“I’m looking forward to revisiting a work I created in 2016 with fresh eyes and a focus on revamping the choreography so that everything is pointing in one direction rather than in the round,” Andersen said. . “Each time I re-stage a work with different dancers, new ideas and interpretations emerge. I’m thrilled to see how the choreography meshes with this reinvented Round.”

The show will also feature pieces from “Mosaik,” an abstract ballet that hasn’t been performed by Ballet Arizona since 2011.

“Expect the unexpected as Ballet Arizona evolves, takes risks, and challenges the limits of contemporary ballet in the desert we call our home,” Arizona Ballet said in the press release.

Click here or call 602-381-1096 for tickets, which start at $60 each.

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