Algarve avocado overlords flout orders to remove dishonest plantation



The avocado’s “overlords” are aptly named in the Algarve.

Although it has apparently faced “millions of euros in fines” for flouting town planning laws and planting hundreds more avocado trees than it is entitled to, the company Frutineves , based in Silves, “goes on regardless”: apparently refusing to do whatever she has been ordered to do (click here) and continue to pump precious water from the local aquifers every day.

The civic movement Regenerarte, which has spearheaded the local struggle to bring Frutineves back to rank, must once again resort to legal channels to force the case.

A call for crowdfunding is underway.

Regenerarte is essentially a group of concerned citizens who have nothing but “rights on their side” to play with (click here).

One of the organizers said: “We need financial support. Every euro of our crowdfunding call is dedicated to this. It would be great if you could mention it ”.

And so this text aims to evoke the call for crowdfunding necessary to ensure that a company required by law to do something actually does it. The call can be found here

How can situations like this continue to occur in Portugal? This may be the question of the day.

In the meantime, this battle has taken years to get to the point that government authorities have actually listened to activists (click here).

The turning point was helped massively by the nationally renowned writer and journalist Miguel Sousa Tavares who wrote a text in Expresso which “said it all” (click here).

But even that level of exposure was sort of allowed to ‘lose traction’.

The Resident attempted to contact Frutineves on several occasions. They don’t answer their phones.


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