A weekend of succulents at the Botanical Garden


It is never too late to cultivate and cultivate the love of plants and gardening.

To showcase the power and potential of native and water-efficient plants, the Johannesburg Succulent Society (JSS) will be hosting a Spring Show at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden on October 9-10. This is the first JSS Spring Show since 2019 and features tables and stands manned by well-known and respected gardeners, collectors and growers.

The two-day succulent extravaganza will be the largest of its kind on the West Rand, proudly displaying the most unusual succulents, as well as everyday varieties. “Food and refreshment stalls will be available, as well as a small activity to educate, entertain and inspire children. There will also be a wide variety of plants for sale for those who want to bring home a plant or two that are valuable to the water, ”said Caryl Stutchbury, JSS committee member.

The Company aims to promote the knowledge, cultivation and propagation of succulents and to contribute to the protection and conservation of all native plants in their habitats. Southern Africa is one of the richest succulent regions in the world, with half of the world’s roughly 10,000 succulent species originating here. “There is a great deal of interest in the region’s succulents around the world,” Caryl said.

Succulents can be described as plants adapted to store water in their leaves, branches or the base of their stems so that they can survive long periods without water. Succulents promote water-efficient gardening and the ability to grow in pots in small gardens, and even on a balcony. Gardening in general is a wonderful stress reliever, especially during lockdown or when the work is tense, and one needs an outlet to relax.

“One of the most important things we try to do is expand knowledge and share a passion. In the current context, water resources are limited, and it makes sense to popularize native plants and succulents. Succulents are a wonderful plant for children because they are easy, rewarding, and educational. Young adults who probably live in small homes don’t need a green thumb to keep some of these plants alive on their windowsills, ”she explained.

A highlight of the weekend will be a succulent plant show where the audience can feast on the award-winning plants and interact with other aquatic plant enthusiasts. For the first time, the show will also feature small succulent gardens set up by commercial growers and a landscaping course to provide visitors with living examples of how to garden with succulents and native plants.

Normal entrance fees to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden will apply, but there is no fee to enter the JSS Succulent Fest. Doors open at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday and close at 4:00 p.m. For more information we can send an email [email protected], visit joburgsucculentsociety.com or their joburgsucculentsociety Facebook page.

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