A colorful new image for gardening charity RHS

Gardening has received a new image in recent years. Between newcomers like Patch, Sproutl and Bloom Box Club using design to encourage a new generation of gardeners, YouTube shows and TV series teach us more about the plant kingdom, as well as past confinements confined to our homes and gardens. , it seems people have become engaged with plant life than ever before.

The RHS is the UK’s leading gardening charity and serves gardening enthusiasts and professionals through resources, day trips to its gardens and events such as the annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which takes place this week.

As crops, flowers and houseplants pick up speed with the warmer weather, the RHS has unveiled a new branding by Design Bridge that brings together the charity’s many sub-identities and sprawling activities under one consistent brand.

“Using the design idea of ​​the transformative power of growth, we’ve crafted visuals that constantly evolve and transform,” said Design Bridge creative director Tim Vary. “By layering textures, vibrant seasonal color palettes and a mix of historic botanical illustrations and typefaces alongside new moving images, we have formed a design system that simultaneously reflects the past, the present and the future of the organization.”

The palettes were chosen to reflect the idea of ​​the different seasons and the wide spectrum of colors seen in RHS gardens. Paul Desmond’s illustrations seem to fit together particularly well: they’re colorful, loud and lively, but so is nature, and yet, at the same time, they feel traditional enough to blend comfortably with the 200-plus-year-old heritage. of the charity. Likewise, the RHS logotype and padlock have been redesigned, reflecting a more contemporary aesthetic while retaining core elements from previous designs.

A supportive brand campaign called We Speak Plant was created in conjunction with advertising agency Wunderman Thompson.


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