14 best gardening tools and tips for beginners in 2022

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  • When I first started gardening I found it very intimidating and there was so much to learn.
  • For gardening beginners, I recommend starting small with a few simple tools and products.
  • Below I share my suggestions for the best soil, pots, seeds, and optional tools.

I have been gardening for over 14 years and I am always amazed when I see seeds sprout into flowers or vegetables in just a few months.

At first, I was intimidated by gardening; I kept trying to find the best methods while trying to figure out lingo like “annual” or “heirloom seeds”. I wanted to do everything right, but soon realized that gardening has too many variables, some of which you can’t control (like the weather). Like many things in life, you can do everything right and not get the exact results you hoped for, but it’s always worth trying your best and growing along the way.

Gardening is fun, simple, and doesn’t require too many materials to get started. You don’t need to be overwhelmed like I did with information overload. In fact, your best bet for success is to start small by choosing a handful of vegetables, herbs, or flowers to grow and making the process easier.

What you need to start gardening as a beginner:

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